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Six Energy Savings Tips For Thanksgiving

thanksgiving1The importance of smart energy use in commercial buildings cannot be overstated, both in terms of the environment and the bottom line, as using energy responsibly also saves building owners on utility expenses.

In preparation for the holiday weekend in the United States, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International has issued a list of simple ways property professionals can save energy during a long weekend.  As part of its new “Power Down for Long Weekends” campaign, BOMA International asks building managers and owners to implement the strategies listed below before every long weekend to both conserve energy and better manage their assets.
Quick Energy Saving Tips for Long Weekends:
  • Send tenants a reminder to turn off all task lighting and power down electronics when leaving for the long weekend.
  • “Coast” your HVAC system during the last few hours of the day before long weekend, as many tenants leave early in advance of holidays.
  • Set up a “by request only” HVAC supply for the long weekend.
  • Put in place an automatic building “lights out” at 7:00pm with a tenant override mechanism.
  • Turn off hot water heaters or reset hot water thermostats to the lowest possible setting while your building is unoccupied.
  • Make sure your janitorial contractor knows that your office will be closed for the holiday to avoid unnecessary energy use.

Source:; October 9, 2013.