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HVAC/R For Grocery Stores/Supermarkets

Keeping the customer happy and properly served is the most important priority for grocery stores and supermarkets. One of the most effective ways to do that is by providing your customers with comfortable and clean air as well as properly operating refrigeration and freezer systems. Here are some things you can do for your HVAC/R systems to keep your store operating smoothly while keeping your customers happy. 


HVAC Systems

-Have Preventative Maintenance Performed Quarterly (Every 3 Months)

-Check Your Thermostat Daily To Ensure Proper Temperature

-Replace HVAC Filters Quarterly

-Replace Equipment Every 15 – 20 Years


Refrigeration & Freezer Systems

-Ensure That Your Refrigerator/Freezer Is Operating At The Correct Temperature (36 – 38° F for Refrigeration and 0° F For Freezers.)

-Replace Door Vacuum Seals Every 2 Years To Prevent Loss Of Temperature

-Clean Any Spills As Soon As They Happen

-Have Preventative Maintenance Performed Quarterly (Every 3 Months)

-Remove Any Expired Food Products To Prevent Foul Odors


Ice Machines

-Clean Ice Machines Routinely To Prevent Algae, Mold, & Old Ice Buildup

-Clean Water Distribution Tubes Quarterly To Prevent Clogging

-Always Ensure The Ice Machine Is On And At The Correct Temperature (0° F)

-Replace Your Filter Every 6 Months.


Our highly trained technicians are here to help keep your grocery store operations running smoothly with optimal performance for your HVAC/R systems. Give us a call at (800)-382-3150 to learn more about the HVAC/R services we can provide for supermarkets/grocery stores.