Recent Projects

Lego Store Helicopter HVAC System Replacement | August 2022

Concord, NC
On August 28th our North Carolina technicians performed a Helicopter HVAC replacement at the Concord Mills Lego Store in Concord, NC. With careful coordination and effective teamwork, the team removed and replaced a 15-ton unit at the store's center. Great work, team!

Forever 21 Capital Replacement | August 2022

Jacksonville, FL
Over the course of 2 days on August 15th & 16th, ten of our Florida technicians performed a capital replacement at Forever 21 in Jacksonville, FL.

This capital replacement exchanged nine old 30-50 ton units with new units. This project was no easy undertaking and involved careful coordination with the Avenues Mall, Superman Cranes, and several of our technicians. Great work, team!

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, HVAC System & Boiler Replacement | May 2022

Las Vegas NV
On May 2nd - 6th, several of our Nevada technicians worked together to perform an HVAC system capital replacement at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. CMS Nextech replaced several aging HVAC units and the boiler system over the course of a week. We partnered with Sunbelt Cranes to properly install the units using their cranes. This was a large replacement job, but our technicians worked efficiently together to ensure everything was replaced correctly. A big shoutout to our Nevada technicians for this successful replacement!