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Refrigeration Energy Saving Tips

While most of us work 8 hours a day with breaks, commercial refrigeration equipment runs 24/7 without stopping! With 24/7 operation comes a standard operating cost for commercial refrigeration equipment. This operating cost can vary depending on the time of the year, but there are variables that can increase or decrease your commercial refrigeration energy consumption. Here are some ways to save energy with your commercial refrigeration equipment.


Ensure Proper Ventilation Space

  • Allow at least 4-6 inches of ventilation space behind the commercial refrigeration system.
  • Routinely clean any dust/debris from ventilation and system components.
  • Ensure ventilation areas are clear of any objects to allow proper ventilation.


Choose The Correct Temperature

  • The recommended refrigeration temperature is 34 to 38 F°. Running your commercial refrigeration system at this temperature provides the best energy efficiency, and ensures proper food and beverage safety.
  • Keeping a consistent temperature will decrease any excess energy spent on operation changes.
  • Keeping refrigerator doors closed when not in use helps decrease lost energy.


Change Your Refrigerator Filter

  • Changing your refrigerator filter every six months helps remove dust/debris buildup and ensures proper food safety.
  • Excess debris buildup will cause the refrigeration system to work harder and use more energy to operate.
  • A properly changed refrigerator filter reduces energy usage and allows for clean operation.


Using the practices above can help you reduce energy costs, along with extending the life of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Choosing CMS Nextech as your commercial refrigeration equipment service provider is the best way to ensure your equipment is taken care of and in optimal working order. Give us a call at (800)-382-3150 to learn more about our commercial refrigeration services.