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Benefits Of Self-Performing Coverage

When choosing a commercial HVAC/R contractor, there are many factors to consider, such as services performed, pricing, and coverage area. While all these are significant factors to consider, one that is often overlooked is the self-performing coverage area of the HVAC/R provider. Self-Performing areas are crucial because they allow the company to use their own employed technicians and equipment which results in higher work quality, dependability as well as lower service pricing compared to subcontracting to other companies. 

While most companies typically self-perform in one city, state region, or state, CMS Nextech self-performs in 45 states and is continually expanding its coverage area. Our vast coverage area has allowed us to become the nation’s largest independent self-performing commercial HVAC/R service provider. This allows us to consistently deliver high-quality, reliable HVAC/R services at an excellent rate for our customers. Here are some ways our self-performing areas efficiently serve your commercial HVAC/R needs.

Higher Work Quality

CMS Nextech currently has over 900 directly employed technicians across the United States. These technicians are all highly trained, experienced, and employed full-time. These technicians are held to the highest commercial industry standards to ensure that all our customers are satisfied and to continue successful partnerships with our clients for the long term. When work is performed by our technicians you can expect it to be done efficiently and correctly the first time.

Reliable Services

Our technicians are strategically located around the United States so that we can service any location in our self-performing area as soon as possible. Whether you have commercial sites in rural OK, the suburban areas of Denver, CO, or the metropolitan areas of Miami, FL you can expect fast, efficient service from our 900+ technicians. CMS Nextech has 38 regional offices located around the United States for local knowledge and expertise for the region that they provide service. Each of these regional offices is responsible for dispatching technicians, assuring quality work, and servicing all our customer’s needs. 

Lower Costs

A great additional benefit of choosing CMS Nextech is that you can expect lower service rates for states and regions that we self-perform in. Because we do not have to subcontract any of our work to other companies in our self-performing area we can reduce prices on our services, as well as the materials that are used. These savings can be expected with all our services from preventative maintenance, refrigeration, capital replacement, and emergency services.

Are you ready to partner with an HVAC/R company that can self-perform and provides you with the best commercial HVAC/R services? Give us a call at (800) 382-3150 to see the CMS Nextech difference!