Capital Replacement

Our Florida Technician Team

Forever 21 Capital Replacement

Over the course of 2 days on August 15th & 16th, ten of our Florida technicians performed a capital replacement at Forever 21 in Jacksonville, FL. This Forever 21 store is one of the largest in the state and is an anchor store of the Jacksonville Avenues Mall. This capital replacement exchanged nine old 30-50 ton units with new units. This project was no easy undertaking and involved careful coordination with the Avenues Mall, Superman Cranes, and several of our technicians.

Lego Helicopter Replacement

On August 28th, our North Carolina technicians performed a Helicopter HVAC replacement at the Concord Mills Lego Store in Concord, NC. This Lego Store is located in the center of the Concord Mills Mall. This project would require a helicopter along with nine of our North & South Carolina technicians. With careful coordination and effective teamwork, the team removed and replaced a 15-ton unit at the store’s center. Great work, team!

Our North & South Carolina Technician Team

Technicians Pictured: Zach Long, Jason Barnett, and Zach Wilson.

Grapevine, Texas Capital Replacement

It was a nationwide team effort on September 21st for our Earthbound Trading Company helicopter HVAC capital replacement. The replacement took place in Grapevine, Texas at the Grapevine Mills mall. A total of eight technicians from Texas, Geor-gia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee teamed up to perform the job. The operation was to remove and replace a 15-ton system located in the center of the mall. The team worked effectively with the helicopter and was able to replace the system with no difficulties. A huge shoutout to our technicians who traveled to Texas to perform this replacement, your dedication has not gone unnoticed!

IKEA Capital Replacement

On October 11th, Our New Jersey technicians partnered with Maxim crane for a very large capital replacement at the Paramus, New Jersey IKEA. The team successfully replaced four old units with four new 70-ton Aaon units. These units are some of the largest HVAC units available and required one of the largest cranes on the east coast to move safely. Great work New Jersey technicians, we appreciate your effective teamwork and emphasis on safety!
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