Our New Partner: DegreeOne

It is with great excitement that we announce that DegreeOne has recently merged with CMS Nextech. DegreeOne is a leading nationwide HVAC, Refrigeration, and high-end food service equipment maintenance and repair service company headquartered in the Chicago, IL area.

The merger took effect in July 2022 and will provide CMS Nextech with over 400 additional technicians, and expanded coverage in key self-performing states such as California, Arizona, Washington, and Connecticut among several others. DegreeOne will benefit from the alignment with new technician resources and support, improved processes, and additional business opportunities.

DegreeOne’s company roots can be traced back as far as the 1920s with multiple generations of owners. Over the years, their success has been attributed to high-performance quality, outstanding service, and several successful acquisitions. Through their 9 successfully acquired companies, they provide self-performing coverage in 43 states. See the chart below to see businesses acquired and associated with DegreeOne. To learn more about DegreeOne and its services, please visit Degree-one.
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