Starting The Summer Season

Uriel Mendez (Div 111) checks the temperature on an HVAC system.

The temperatures are rising and so is the need for commercial HVAC/R services. For some, summer may mean trips to the beach and planning summer vacations. For our technicians, however, it is their busiest time of the year, and service is in full motion. To gear up for the summer season, our technicians have been busy performing preventative maintenance services to ensure our customers are ready for the busy summer season. With warmer temperatures, equipment must work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors. As a result of this increased workload on the equipment, equipment breakdown is much more likely to happen in the summer months when temperatures are well over 70F. 

Safety is key to a successful summer and protecting our technicians in summer weather conditions. We encourage our technicians to take the proper precautions when the weather is hot. Staying hydrated, using sunscreen, and wearing sun protection like hats, and sunglasses are highly recommended. 

We thank our technicians for all their hard work this spring in preparing our customers for the summer. Keep up the great work throughout the summer season! 

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