The Importance Of Filter Changes

Did you know the air you are currently breathing could be filled with bacteria and harmful contaminants? This could not only affect your indoor air quality but also the health of your customers and employees. Air filters are responsible for trapping and removing debris from your indoor air. Without the correct air filter or filter change frequency, your air is unable to be properly filtered. 

Prevent Dirt & Debris Buildup

The reason air filters need to be changed quarterly is due to the dust and debris that build up over time as air is filtered through the system. If these are not removed quarterly, they can buildup on your filter and contaminate your air. When a filter is changed it removes any of the dirt and debris built up in your system and allows the air to be filtered through a clean filter.

Remove Contaminants From The Air

One of the most common ways that contaminants enter your indoor air is through a dirty filter. This is due to the filter not being able to hold back all the contaminants that are entering through it. These contaminants can then make their way into your indoor air stream. A clean filter, however, is able to stop these contaminants and prevent them from entering your air stream. This leads to overall cleaner indoor air and fewer contaminants, dust, and debris in your air.

Better Energy Efficiency

When a filter is dirty it makes it harder for air to transfer as it has to work through the layer of dirt and debris to get through the filter. When your air filter is clean it can easily transfer through and allows your system to work less hard. This can help you save money on energy costs as the system will require less energy and not have to work as hard as it would with a filter that isn’t clean. 

Quarterly filter changes will not only help provide the best indoor air quality but also help you save money with better energy efficiency. CMS Nextech can help ensure that your air filters are changed quarterly as well as keep your HVAC/R systems running smoothly 24/7. Give us a call at (800)-382-3150 to see the preventative maintenance programs we can offer your commercial business. 

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