Refrigeration Maintenance Best Practices

What do grocery stores, restaurants, and medical facilities all have in common? The answer is a reliance on commercial refrigeration for daily operation. Keeping items consistently at an exact temperature is no simple task. However, properly maintained refrigeration equipment will have a much easier time properly performing than refrigeration equipment that does not have routine maintenance performed. Here are some best practices to maintain your refrigeration equipment.

Inspect Door Seals

Door seals are responsible for keeping your commercial refrigeration door closed. While even a broken seal will usually keep the door shut, it doesn’t mean it’s not losing energy. Broken seals can allow cold air to escape and warm air to enter. This will require the refrigerator to work harder as well as use more energy to keep the system at the desired temperature. By inspecting door seals quarterly, you can fix any loose or broken door seals before they start losing energy and costing you money.

Clean Coils

Evaporator and condenser coils are the components responsible for keeping your refrigeration temperature at the desired level. Dirty or corroded coils can lead to weak system performance or even cause a breakdown with your refrigeration equipment. Cleaning coils quarterly will prevent dirt and debris buildup and will allow the refrigerator to operate smoother while using less energy.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation space allows a refrigeration system for the room to properly ventilate and not overheat. The best way to ensure proper ventilation is by making sure that the refrigerator has enough exhaust room behind it and does not conflict with its surroundings. Another way is to change your refrigerator filter quarterly. Refrigeration filters that aren’t changed quarterly run the risk of contaminating the contents of your refrigerator with dirt, debris, and any impurities in the air.

The best way to ensure proper maintenance for your commercial refrigeration equipment is by choosing a preventative maintenance plan with your HVAC/R service provider. CMS Nextech provides quarterly preventative maintenance plans that ensure the best practices in this blog are addressed and serviced with your HVAC/R systems. Our maintenance plans allow for optimal system performance and can save you money on energy costs. Give us a call at (800)-382-3150 to find a preventative maintenance plan best fit for your commercial refrigeration equipment.

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