Benefits Of Facili-Trac

Facili-Trac is a unique technology developed by the CMS Nextech team to assist facility managers in tracking their HVAC/R expenditures and making accurate, reliable capital planning decisions. This technology allows you to track your progress and stay up to date on work performed from the convenience of your phone or desktop. The strength behind the Facili-Trac technology is supported by current and historical data along with individual facility asset information.

There are many benefits to using Facili-Trac such as up to the minute information from our field technicians along with calls into our data call center that are included in your Facili-Trac account. Facili-Trac also gives you the ability to track your work site progress and gives you the comfort of knowing your worksite is being properly worked on. Below are some additional benefits of using our Facili-Trac technology.

Daily Management
Our technicians log every step of their work process from start to finish. This allows you to track progress on work performed at each site as well as request any updates or additional services needed. Click here to read the full article.

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